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Alex Thompson

Feb 04, 2024

This Product Is A True Gem!

This product is a true gem! It's reliable, user-friendly, and delivers exceptional performance. Highly recommended!



Ethan Davis

Feb 02, 2024

Thrilled With My Purchase: Highly Recommended!

I'm thrilled with this product! It's beautifully designed, incredibly efficient, and has enhanced my daily life. I can't recommend it enough!


Reviews You Can Trust

A new European, Finnish-made service for collecting online store product reviews is here. Easily add verified product reviews to any online store. Decide for yourself how you collect and present reviews in your store – thumbs up, stars, and written reviews – all available through a simple interface.

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Developed to Meet the Growing Needs of Merchants

RateCompass is a new, European, Finnish-made service launched in 2024 for collecting product reviews in e-commerce. RateCompass is a tool for increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction. At its core are a modern, stylish appearance and ease of use. It operates quickly and seamlessly, regardless of your e-commerce platform.

Step into RateCompass's new dimension, and offer your customers a reliable experience in online shopping. Our journey is just beginning, but the service is constantly being developed. Everything essential is there – but more is coming!

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A European Service for Gathering Product Reviews

With the Finnish-made RateCompass, you can add verified product reviews to any online store, regardless of the e-commerce platform. RateCompass automatically sends GDPR-compliant emails to customers who have purchased products, asking them to review the items they've bought and used.

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Seamless Integration into Your Online Store

RateCompass can be integrated into your online store with just a snippet of code, making it compatible with any e-commerce platform. The service is designed with e-commerce in mind, and every feature is aimed at boosting your online sales growth.

Easy Implementation

Log into the service, decide how you will collect and display reviews, grab the code, and install it into your online store in a few easy steps. This way, you'll get the service up and running and give your customers the opportunity to speak highly of you.


Add Credibility with Product Reviews

Don't lose customers to uncertainty. Leverage the opinions of your existing customers to convince the perpetual ponderers. Product reviews in an online store show that others have bought your products and had positive experiences with them. Customers find peer reviews helpful, which improves the shopping experience and, at best, can lead to customer loyalty. Product reviews also provide you with valuable feedback. Negative reviews point out areas for improvement, while positive reviews indicate what you are doing right. Product reviews are for those merchants who care about their customers' opinions.

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